During the COVID-19 Pandemic Redme Heddub, One – Man Band  will be performing live online at JC’S Grill House on. July 4,2020 starting at: 9:30pm.                                                      This is due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.                              You  can watch Redme Heddub live from your living room on your desktop, laptop or your mobile devices.                  You will need to purchase your ticket on www.redmeheddub.com to watch the live performance on July 4,2020 at 9:30 pm and 10pm.                                                    Your login group link will be on your invoice when you purchase and open your invoice or print it.                                  Redme Heddub will  release his 2nd remix two face single “Last Night” by June 20, 2020.                                                   This performance is destined to lift you out of  your seats. We will replay the events on August 1st, & 27, at 10pm.                                                                                                                                  The open mic sign – up online for singers will be online only due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The first (30) people sign-up to watch Redme Heddub one man band online on July 4, at 9:30 pm,  will receive one free CD and one T-shirt from Redme Heddub.                                                                                        This will be upon their purchase invoice with their online sign-up payment receipt for the J C’S Grill  House at 1500 Matheson Blvd.East of Dixie Rd. and at  Cabana Lounge located at 1590 Dundas St. East Unit #3 (Two lights East of Dixie Rd) Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.                                                                                                                                                                The Redme Heddub OpenMic stage show will be taking place online 0n July 4, and August 1st, and  27, 2020.               The top three (3) online sign-up selected singers will receive thirty (30) hours of vocals recording time.                    This will be from the open mic producer’s original selected songs from their recorded masters.                                           The open mic singers must e-mail their (50) words bio including one picture.                                                                                                                                                                                                    The open mic singers must pay their online registration fee of $ 20.00 and print out their payment receipt and bring it to enter the open mic show performances. All open mic singers that sing and play their instruments must arrive at soundcheck before 6:30 pm.                                                         The other singers that do not sing and play their instruments must bring their CD with wave files or Mp3 files.                                                                                                          We will not accept any mobile phone plugin playback of the songs. The songs should not be more than (3) minutes and 35 seconds in length.                                                                        The selected lead vocalist must be able to perform three 45 minutes set.                                                                                            The first (25) twenty five online  VIP ticket purchasers will receive one free CD from Redme Heddub.                                      Redme Heddub top – ten one-man band will be rocking you steady and put a tip-top in your toes.                                      Redme most recent hot remixed two face singles of his recently released “We’re All Alone”  and “My Dana” has received a  good response from the USA & UK…                                                                                                                                          Redme Heddub will be rocking you steady with his top – ten instrumental melodies of the ’50s 60’s ’70s ’80s ’90’s and to days music. Readme Heddub has rocked them steady with his promo shows at the Carassauga Festival on May 25,26 of 2018.                                                                                                 Redme Heddub has been receiving worldwide radio play in  April-May 2016 and 2017 with the “We’re All Alone” and “My Dana” tracks that were taken from his album titled “Inferiority Complex and may be included on the Back Ride” CD due out in 2022.                                                                    Redme Heddub shines with his own brand of R&B, Reggae, Rock steady C&W, styles for your dancing shoe.                Redme is a multi-instrumentalist who performs drums, guitar, and vocals in nightclubs and theatre productions in Canada and Berkeley California.                                                      He has produced more than 100 songs, including five publish compilation albums that have been released worldwide. His music and film were recently nominated in the “Emerging Media Arts” and the” Emerging Performing Arts” categories, for his movie”Inferiority Girl Complex” at the prestigious 2012 Marty Award held by the Mississauga Arts Council in Canada.                                                                          The  CD titled: ”Inferiority Girl Complex” is out and is available for purchase on


including  CD Baby and I-Tunes. Redme Heddub is renowned in the publishing circles of the music industry and has worked on his own movie and music videos.                          Redme  Heddub is available for live performances.                                                                                Redme Heddub has recently received club play with his remix singles titled “We’re All Alone” and was charted at # 14 on the Top 50 Indie Urban/Latin Chart on April 16, 2013.    Also, Redme Heddub was charted at #9 on October 1st,2013 on the Top-50 Urban/charts with the original song titled “Last Night” Redme Heddub most recent remix single”                We’re All Alone” has recently received radio play in the USA.UK. Right now Readme Heddub is busy recording and arranging his next album reschedule for release  2022.



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Music Preview