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Redme Heddub One Man Band’s Open Mic Music Showcase will be taking place in Kitchener Ontario Canada.                                                                                                                        The tickets will go on sale on September 15,2022 at 11:59 am.        .
The singers should sign up now our  deadline ends on  October 7.22                                       You can logon to or                                                                                                      Facebook page.
The selected singers will start their performances on online and must have their own mic when attending the music showcase.                                                                                                          The best (3) three of (12) selected online
singers will perform in NYC USA two (2) of which will receive a cash
prize in the amount of $1000.00.each.
The other prizes such as studio recording vocals time will be added.
The USA performances will be starting in February date TBA 2023.
This project is best for singers who have very good social media connections.
The singer must be able to perform 9 -12 songs for their ensure that they can perform three (45) minutes set on stage three to four times per week.                            The singers should have experience in live performances including studio recording.          We prefer singers who have previously finishedrecordings that have been released or current ones that have received radio airplay and club play.
Auditioning online only before meeting for dress rehearsals – dates TBA.
The lead Vocalist must be able to learn (12) original songs and 12 cover songs within (14) weeks before the first dress rehearsals.
We must confirm two (45) minutes set from the singer’s performances.                                    The singer must be able to do online auditioning on or on their Instagram page link.
The singers should learn songs within the time limit or we can extend
the time limit for more weeks before the first dress rehearsals.
We will need the singer to send a list of (18) # 1 songs that they have recorded                        You can email to: